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Questions about an order? Eager to send fan-mail? Curious if you’ve finally cracked the “apocalypse code” hidden in every Ghoulish title? Email us at


All potential retailers can contact us at to discuss stocking Ghoulish publications in their stores. We offer 40% discounts on all titles, plus returnability. A full catalog of previous and upcoming publications is available upon request.

Media Requests:

Are you a reviewer interested in one of our titles? If so, hi! We love you. Please email us at and let us know which title you’re hoping to review. Please include the review venue (Amazon, website, personal blog, etc) and which file you prefer (Paperback, mobi, epub, pdf), and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Those interested in interviewing our authors can reach out to the same address.


For authors hoping to write for Ghoulish, check out our submissions page for any current open calls. For authors hoping to stock their work in our physical bookshop, please fill out our PUBLISHED AUTHORS FORM and someone will reach out to you if we decide to move forward. Please note that our shelf space is limited and running a bookshop is not cheap, so we cannot stock every title we’d like to feature. For authors hoping to schedule an event at our store, please fill out our AUTHOR EVENTS FORM and if we’re able to accommodate you, someone will send you an email.

All other general inquiries can be made by emailing us at

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