Love the atmosphere and it's very inviting
Madison Lunnen
Madison Lunnen
I love coming to this store! Good stock of indie and classic horror. It's clear the owners know their stuff. Very friendly! Also, it's very well decorated. And the kids' section is very cute. Definitely recommend!
David Swisher
David Swisher
I've only had the opportunity to order online, but each order has been a delightful experience. Support this store in confidence!
Dan C
Dan C
This place is great! Owner is super friendly. We need to appreciate businesses that go whole hog on horror.
Brandy Rainey
Brandy Rainey
Wonderful selection horror books. My new favorite book store hands down.
Susan Snyder
Susan Snyder
This store holds a treasure of horror books from non-fiction to children’s books to extreme horror. The owners are absolutely wonderful and welcoming. They have special events as well! You have to check them out!
Cynthia Pelayo
Cynthia Pelayo
Very cool place! Great owner. Great books. They are super nice and knowledgeable. It’s very family friendly here. Just fair warning, The owner likes to dress like his dog. So, you may see him dressed in a dog suit from time to time,
Ghoulish Art News

Cover Jacket Reveal for SAINT GRIT, Which We Can’t Post on Social Media Without Getting Our Accounts Banned

What’s up, my ghouls!!! It’s Friday night, and I feel like sharing some world-class illustrated smut. That’s right: we’re revealing the full jacket art for Kayli Scholz’s Saint Grit, a novella about a woman who conjures a witch upon self-orgasm, coming November 14th from Ghoulish Books. We like to describe this book to people as Gummo meets The Craft. Either those two comps get you completely on board, or you have no idea what we’re talking about.

Anyway, not only are we revealing the full artwork here, but we’re also—for the first time—showing off a fantastic blurb Daniel Kraus (Whalefall) gave us after reading an early copy of the novella.

This is what he had to say:

“This is the real stuff I’m always chasing—every chapter a warning, every page a curse, entirely irresistible to read even as you know reading it will damn you forever.” —Daniel Kraus, author of Whalefall

One more exciting bits of Saint Grit news before we show you the cover. Our very own art ghoul, Betty Rocksteady, has created 6 wonderfully demented interior illustrations for the book. We can’t wait for you to eventually see them!

But first, let’s take a look at this jacket. The back cover actually features a small sample from one of Betty’s interior illustrations. The front cover, however, was illustrated by Alejandra Oviedo (aka Ruttu).

Also, as a reminder, with this particular book, we had to commission both a CENSORED version and an UNCENSORED version. The original uncensored version is simply too gnarly for online retailers to handle, so we’ll be selling it exclusively through the GHOULISH.RIP webstore as well as our physical store in San Antonio.

I believe that should be plenty of a warning for you. The following images are very much NSFW.



and now, the version we can’t post on social media without risking account deletion…


Order either version of Saint Grit right here on GHOULISH.RIP!

Max Booth III

Max Booth III is a writer, publisher, editor, podcaster, and indie bookstore owner. They are the author of numerous works, including I Believe in Mister Bones, Abnormal Statistics, Maggots Screaming!, Touch the Night, and many others too spooky to name here. Their novella, We Need to Do Something, was adapted into a feature film from their own screenplay and distributed by IFC Midnight in 2021 after debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival. They co-run Ghoulish Books, a publisher/bookstore hybrid, with their wife Lori Michelle Booth. Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, they now live in San Antonio, TX. Find their work at

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