Love the atmosphere and it's very inviting
Madison Lunnen
Madison Lunnen
I love coming to this store! Good stock of indie and classic horror. It's clear the owners know their stuff. Very friendly! Also, it's very well decorated. And the kids' section is very cute. Definitely recommend!
David Swisher
David Swisher
I've only had the opportunity to order online, but each order has been a delightful experience. Support this store in confidence!
Dan C
Dan C
This place is great! Owner is super friendly. We need to appreciate businesses that go whole hog on horror.
Brandy Rainey
Brandy Rainey
Wonderful selection horror books. My new favorite book store hands down.
Susan Snyder
Susan Snyder
This store holds a treasure of horror books from non-fiction to children’s books to extreme horror. The owners are absolutely wonderful and welcoming. They have special events as well! You have to check them out!
Cynthia Pelayo
Cynthia Pelayo
Very cool place! Great owner. Great books. They are super nice and knowledgeable. It’s very family friendly here. Just fair warning, The owner likes to dress like his dog. So, you may see him dressed in a dog suit from time to time,

We Need to Do Something

(1 customer review)



Includes an introduction from Sean King O’Grady (director of the film adaptation) and a brand-new afterword from Max Booth III.

Author: Max Booth III

Cover Artist: Matthew Revert

May 8, 2020 (1st edition)

September 3, 2021 (2nd edition)

Paperbacks purchased through the webstore will be signed by author.

A family on the verge of self-destruction finds themselves isolated in their bathroom during a tornado warning.


Includes an introduction from Sean King O’Grady (director of the film adaptation) and a brand-new afterword from Max Booth III.


“Don’t look now but Max Booth III is one of the best in horror, and he’s only getting started.”
—Josh Malerman, author of BIRD BOX and MALORIE


“A confident and singular descent into domestic nihilism that’s as wildly fun as it is deeply disturbing.”
—Matt Barone, Tribeca Film Festival


“Works like a Pandora’s box of horror.”
—Meagan Navarro, Bloody Disgusting


“Unhinged, chaotic, and abounding with occult chills.”
—Chad Collins, Dread Central

1 review for We Need to Do Something

  1. Sarah Duck-Mayr (verified owner)

    We Need To Do Something is my first read by author Max Booth III; I bought this and Touch The Night as happy birthday gifts for me, and a nod to his birthday being in July too. He has been on my radar to read for a while, but my library doesn’t carry him (lame) and I had to wait for that sweet sweet B-day money to get any of his work. These were suggested by him, several times on Twitter, as we all asked what titles to buy in celebration for his birthday without bothering to look at his previous feed at all; he was polite to everyone, a class act. I am now on a quest to read all of his work, because this novella floored me.

    This got 5 stars, of course, see above praise.

    I actually posted Twitter updates while reading because I was reacting like a tween watching her first jump scare movie. The summary in no way prepares you; a family gathers in the bathroom during a tornado warning, tensions rise. I mean, I am not going to prepare you either, this is something you are going to have to do or die on you own, but that completely undersells the experience you are about to undertake. And I think that was absolute genius on the part of whoever made that final decision. This novella is less than 200 pages, but the story was like a cyclone whirling around in my mind.

    Simply put, I am in awe of this novella. You should read it. This is my top favorite novella of the year so far.

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